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Default Libaster and Drake

Turelus got me thinking, and I've been wanting to write something lately, anything.

So... I have.

I'll add more on here as I write more.

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Yarr *I'm a laid back f**ker =D*
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5p1k3 will become famous soon enough5p1k3 will become famous soon enough

"....and so Rune-Midgard was saved from the holy wrath of..." The lecture hall teacher stopped abruptly, and turned with a scowl.

"Zzzzz..zzzZZZZzzzz....." Two of his students were leaning against each others shoulders..... SLEEPING!

*CRACK!* The Lecturer smacked the table next to him with the dowl he used to point at the various charts, graphs, and pictures adorning his lecture hall.... snapping it in half and deafening the Novice students in the first row. "ESCU~SE me! Young Drake and young Libaster! I'm sorry for being so RUDE as to bore you into sleep!" His face was red, and veins were buldging from his neck and temples, while spittle covered his bottom lip after he was done yelling. He looked almost as if he was being, or had just been choked; the students had a hard time trying not to laugh, and those that couldn't restrain themselves from snickering, recieved a look that would make even "The Great Creator", Twin-X, cringe in fear.
The boys remained sleeping.

"MASTER DRAKE! MASTER LIBASTER!" The Lecturer was screaming at the top of his lungs, his eyes buldging out of his face, and voice going hoarse. "WAKE UP THIS INSTANT!" He threw an eraser at the sleeping duo.
Libaster was hit in the head.

He snorted, and shifted his weight a bit; Drake then started sliding down his friend's back, to the floor, snoring even louder. The Lecturer was aghast, now so beyond anger and dismay that he had no words to describe the feeling. He was silent, eyes wide, mouth open, an face turning purple with rage.
The class burst into laughter, waking up the bleary eyed boys. Drake straightened before hitting the floor, so to avoid getting beaten for breaking his the Novice oath (the oath to relinquish extremely common habits and tasks as to train the mind and body better) then scrambled to stand alert. Libaster was rubbing his eyes and looking around questioningly, when Drake leaned in close to his ear and whispered. "Why are they all laughing so-" He stopped mid sentence when he spied the Lecture hall instructor.

"Uh oh~." Both boys muttered the phrase in unison.


"HA! 10!" Libaster shouted out from behind a bush.

"10!?! How'd you get ten so fast???" Drake couldn't hide the astonishment in his voice.... he was only at 6.

"Ha! I'm just that much better!" Libaster taunted him, then set off in search of another Fabre to pummel.

Drake rocked back a bit, then smiled to himself. "That still doesn't make you any less of a block head!" Libaster laughed, and barely avoided being hit in the head with a stick the size of a club. "Damn! Why'd you move? it wouldn't have hurt anything! ....oooooh 9!"

Lib blanched at the insinuation, then cursed Drake for catching up. "PAH! 9? Still 1 to go!" He looked around frantically for his 11th victim. At this rate they'd never be allowed to sit down again! "I can't believe Mister Von Frisch *DOUBLED* the field "experience" required for us to be free f the 10 oaths.... this sucks."

"Eh... we'll make due.... 11!!!! AHAHAHA! I can almost sit again!!!" Drake bounded off again, leaving Lib opened mouthed.

"You Poring loving b-" Lib cut short as he spied three Fabres slugging along near a clump of trees, which Drake had just run by, not even glimpsing at. 'Bwa ha ha ha~ mine now!'


Drake laid on the ground of the West Geffen bridge, huffing and puffing, his club clinking out of his hand. Libaster was did likewise, dropping his sword at his side. Both friends just listened to the water burble and gurgle under the stone structure, letting the warm breeze, carrying the odd scents of potions, chemicals, herbs and spices from Geffen City wash over them and lull them into a relaxed daze. The lush green trees from the far west end of the bridge rustled, and the grasses of the fields around the river whispered. The day was warm, the world was green and blue, and the two friends were content to lie there absorbing the world.

Their day was done, they had dispatched the annoying "monsters" that clogged the road and bridge every day. Even though they ALWAYS came back preventing easy mercantile access, unless someone, usually students of the novice academy or low ranking "first job" students, cleared the way every day. Each majoy city and town would pay these kids to go out and do the grunt work, then pay them on proof that they did in fact dispatch the number of "creeps" they claimed to. Pay was normally handled through shopsmen who would send a bill to the respective academies.

Looking at the world above, and listening to the world around, Drake began to ponder. He and Lib had been great friends since before they even joined the Novice academy, but they'd been doing extra shifts around Geffen and racking up hours upon hours of field work, and bringing in plenty of evidence of their training and field experience. Soon they'd have to pick a first level profession to follow, they'd be graduating within the month.

"Ya know Lib.... I was thinking.... I don't know what job I want to take up after graduating." Libaster was quiet for a moment before replying.

"...I was thinking of joining the knight hood.... or maybe try my hand at pick pocketing in Morroc, I'm too lazy to study with the wizards and other hob nobs." He thought a bit more, then said. "Yea... I think I definitely want to be a Knight. Then i can pummel people all day and get paid for it." They both laughed, it was a simple aspiration, but it worked.


"Yech.... I *hate* porings. It feels so weird hitting them." Drake wrinkled his nose. "It's like beating on gelatin."

"Yea, but~!" Lib swung, cand caused another poring to explode into gooey bits "~ at least they're easy! We get paid for proof that we keep geffen bridge clear of gelatin all day!" Another poring exploded, then another. Drake had to admire Libaster's simple and effective outlook on life.

As Drake slugged away at the erroneous critters cluttering the way of the road with his big, twisted, lump of a log that he considered his club, he heard something he didn't like. *THUMP!* "OW!" Drake turned around to see Libaster sprawled on the ground, his head pouring blood. "Aw shi~" He barely missed getting thwacked in the head by a tree limb. Libaster had attracted too many Willow monsters for him to handle... and now Drake was paying for it too.

He jumped and dodged as best he could, and threw all his strength into each blow with his club, but three Willows was a lot of opponents to face, especially since they were like fighting walking tree stumps! He took a few smacks to his forehead by trying to duck low, and out of the way of their lumbering tree branch arms, and obtained several cuts, scrapes, bruises and abrasions during his fight. But Lib was really hurt, and no matter how angry Drake was at the fact Lib was stupid enough to provoke five Willows --Drake had noticed two dead around Lib--, he wasn't about to fail in saving his friend.

That's when he realized his role in life in Rune-Midgard. He'd find out the secrets to healing, never again would his friends suffer with out him being able to do something about it.

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This is a great story, an awesome start, I really want more haha.
I demand you continue writing spike :P

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Finaly took the time to read it (Still have Rahab, Eloron & Cids left)
That was awesome Spike please write more I want to read it, I think your better at writing combat than me. The end was so amazing! the reason to become an acolyte was awesome~.
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Ah, and now I had time to read this.

Good start there Spike, I liked the humour style Libaster and Drake are rolling was kinda weird that it turned out so serious. But well.. this story makes sense

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isn;t this one brand new? anyways nice story to bad i don;t remember libester anymore i assume he joined in with SGM? and we'll probably here from O'aka and lucky?^^

edit: had to put this screenie in for text bottum left^^
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how could you forget me? T-T

see spike's sig..? i made that... im the swordie standing in front of his aco. way back in the day. he and I were the founders of the SGM. Now i run around as a hunter - Rangarde. Lib will be back soon enough, though. You'll see.
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lol...i like the way you were able to create your own story in it....that didnt make much sense.....ok fine here

i like the way you were able to break off from how things really work (like there is no "Novice Acadmy" in the game) gave it a more reallistc approach^^

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