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Lightbulb Crimson Elite and dRO spin off Livejournal Community

I'm working on getting a livejournal Community together of anyone who wants to join and enjoys gaming ( ). It'll mostly be gaming of all varieties. The idea is to create a centralized location for people who use irc mostly, or prefer to post to keep in contact about dates and times of gaming together or even mini tournaments amongst each other.

I'm overly cautious about what groups I join and am inviting as well so this should be an awesome community of gamers together.

But first and foremost we need members who want to play together, and enjoy games of all forms. Just because I may be DS centric doesn't mean everyone who posts will be.

As always if you have a livejournal account, your private and friend posts will not be displayed in the community friend posts.
The idea is to create a quick and seamless play/news enviroment using the livejournal communities, and if people feel up like it, messenger, or post enviroment, even quick hotlinking to forum posts here for quicker access to people discussing, call it a place to start to create a new birth of activity for dRO if we can do it, maybe people from the other areas I'm trying to pull in may find it interesting and worth staying here as well. Still working plans and moderators out.

The link to the group is

I've just opened it tonight, so it's not completely up, still have graphics in the works, working on getting moderators, and inviting old friends who have privvy to be first.

Hope you all join, and help make both here and there grow as much as we can.

Another awesome place looking for a great community on the ball with reviews and news of all facets of media is
Awesome people, and as I said, put links to here in sigs there or other small ideas. They are also one of the many sources of great users I'm a part of that are within seconds reach of the #gameflux channel (Heck they run the IRC server I use!). Lets have fun together and spread the gaming and media love once again with more people and facets.

And if you already are part of groups like this, lets share the love on who they are here as well. And your thoughts of them are.

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An Idle Fan in the Fandom's Thoughts.

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