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Default New Story

Ok so Elo's story rocks so im not gonna post myn yet, but i will put a prologue up
As the Chill night air of the desert slowly lifted, leaving the dry, Hot, climate Morroc is so known for behind. But deep within the twisting streets lyed a Thief, wrapped in the blankets he had stolen from an open window.
“AHHHHH” yawned the Young man slowly rising from his sleep “Today’s the day, I am gonna take that rogue test and PASS IT!!!”. The boy shot up with such enthusiasm that he almost hit his head on the collapsed building he used as shelter.
“Azu, Aaaazuuu….. Where are you?” screamed a voice, obviously a females, from behind the collapsed wall. As she started picking the loose rubble apart. “ohh, what I fine dagger” whispered the women to herself as she had come across a dagger built of a silver handle with jewels embedded in the hilt, the blade so sharp and strong it had obviously been refined far beyond its limits. She picked it up with care and pocketed it.
“Not the best thief are ya Maddie?” ask Azumerith as he turned the corner of the broken building. Maddie embarrassed took the dagger out of the pocket in her archer uniform and handed it back to Azu.
“sorry, IT WAS JUST SO SHINY, how did you get that?” Maddie’s eyes still twinkling at the shiny dagger.
“hehe, tell you what, if you travel with me after I pass my test, I’ll tell you how I came across this” replied Azu winking at the very beautiful girl in front of him. So they made there way out of the winding twisting allys that made Morroc the town of thieves. But unknown to the two travelers, a figure stood behind them, walking in the shadows with the hood pulled far over the persons head to cover the face.

and no i havn't come up with a name for the story yet....
P.S. Hurry up Elo....A: i wanna see what happens
B: i wanna start myn....

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