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Default Broken arrow Part 2

well i'll put up the new part an put a link to the first part of broken arrow, i know its been ages i've just been lacking the time and suffering major writers block when i do have time. ^^ hopefully i'll have weekend writing time
broken arrow part 1 =

Broken Arrow - Part 2
Shoji kicked a small pebble off of Payon bridge into the river below, ‘where is he, it’s been two weeks since he went to Lutie he should have been back by now.’
‘I heard that an archer similar in appearance to Rahab took the hunter’s test.’ Replied Aliencrash ‘but it didn’t sound like him, seems he did every test without error and left taking a falcon without a single word. It all seems very strange.’
‘Do you think he might have gone to Prontera for the guild war?’ suggested Achilles
‘He’s never bothered with the wars before, I doubt he would head there.’ Answered shoji ‘besides he would need to train his new skills before competing, so hopefully he is out in the wilderness practicing.’
‘Well I guess there’s nothing we can do’ said crash ‘I got orders from Turelus, seems we are to head to Geffen to secure a new guild base there, we are to leave the defence of our other castles and focus our power on Geffen. Although I not sure why.’
And so the 3 travelled off towards Geffen, but on their way they heard more rumours, rumours about a hunter who seemed to have allied with the creatures of the woods, calling monster to his aid in battles and watching others fight without helping them in any way. This news was reported to the faithless guild leader Turelus Valentine and after a month of no contact from Rahab he sent the order to the members working in Payon to track Rahab down and bring him to Geffen. Shoji also set off to Payon to help with finding him.
He quickly headed across Payon’s main bridge to where the recruits had gathered.
‘You have been called here to find Rahab, we believe he is still in the area so I want all of you to check the fields between here and Alberta, Aegis and Hawk shall check the western woods nearing Morroc desert. I want Ariana and DTerror to search the eastern woods near Alberta. Dustin and I will check the southern woods. Once you have found him I want you to take him back to Geffen immediately.’
And so the groups set off, each searching the forest for any signs of the hunter. Aegis and Hawk had travelled all the way to the coast and had begun to head back when a strange call was heard, and out of the bushes jumped dozens of poison spores. As they moved to attack the spores they found this was no normal monster attack. Large snares had caught them and they both fell to the ground as the spores charged, having no choice aegis grabbed her butterfly wings and threw one at Hawk before teleporting out. Hawk stopped trying to free himself from the trap and used the wing to escape back to Payon. ‘What was that!’ shouted Hawk, ‘well those traps weren’t set up there by monsters’ responded Aegis ‘also poison spores don’t have planned attacks like that.’
‘What do you mean?’ asked Hawk now calming down
‘Maybe he was expecting us, I just hope the others do better’ she answered
Ariana and DTerror had made it to Alberta’s gates and after checking with people there moved back towards Payon, DTerror had decided to scout ahead and was sneaking between the undergrowth as he heard a scream, he ran back to find Ariana under attack by loads of elder willows. He dashed forwards and smashed into the nearest elder, swinging his katar in an upwards sweep splitting the monster in two while using the other to put a hole in another elder. The elder willows turned away from Ariana and moved towards DTerror, ‘you can’t attack what you can’t see, Ariana get out of here I’ll find Rahab on my own’ he shouted as he disappeared into the shadows. In the next second he was attacking the elder willow at the back of the group before disappearing again. He kept using the same tactic to weaken the elder willows before getting ready to smash them all to pieces. He slowly crept into the perfect spot of which to attack, preparing like a tiger ready to pounce.
Suddenly a strange call seemed to come from all around, DTerror could hear the shriek of a falcon and looked up to see one descend upon him. Its talons cutting into his arm and pushing him out of the shadows, he stepped backwards to regain his balance but from under his foot came a click! ‘How did you know?’ asked DTerror as the explosion from the mine sent him flying backwards, he crashed into the ground only just conscious but not having any power to get up, he heard the elder willows approaching him but instead of attacking they watched him as if waiting for an order ‘I get it’ DTerror uttered as he reached into his pocket ‘I’ll leave, but I doubt you’ll get the others to give up.’ He grabbed a butterfly wing and used its power to return to Payon. Ariana and Hawk ran over to help him with his injuries, ‘you got caught by his traps too?’ asked Aegis
‘Yeah’ he answered faintly ‘seems he doesn’t want to leave the forest just yet, but I’m sure if anyone could get him it’ll be Shoji.’
Shoji and Dustin had entered a part of the forest known for having packs of wolves hunt there, so Dustin lead the way dealing with any minor threats that appeared, both were keeping an eye on the local animals after hearing the rumours but nothing seemed to change, as they continued on they found the path to close up with steep cliffs on each side. ‘Are you sure this is the right way to the lower field?’ Shoji asked looking at the high cliffs, ‘its fine’ said Dustin ‘just behind this corner is the entrance to the lower field, so no problem.’ Once they had turned the corner however they were presented with a cliff face ‘great!’ shouted Shoji ‘now we’re stuck at a dead end, lets just go back’ As they turned a strange call could be heard on the air, large wolves jumped from the top of the cliffs landing behind Shoji and Dustin cutting off their escape route. ‘You people have invaded the forest to make it your own, but now the animals are taking it back, you are not welcome here anymore so leave or die!’ shouted a voice from above, the sun giving just a shadowy image of the attacker.
‘Is that you Rahab? We’ve come to take you back to Geffen.’ Shouted Shoji before an arrow plunged into the ground in front of him. ‘You choose to die then!’ shouted the attacker before releasing a volley of arrows into the air, the wolves lunged at Dustin forcing him to use magnum break to keep them at bay but rather than retreating the wolves attacked with renewed vigour, as Dustin kept the wolves busy Shoji watched the hail of arrows fall around him not a single finding its mark. ‘I know its you Rahab’ he shouted ‘your arrows can’t beat my magic, you’re still not fast enough!’
‘Let’s see if you can block this one!!’ screamed Rahab as he put all his strength into the shot, the arrow glowing with power. As the arrow flew from Rahab’s grip Shoji held his hand up and whispered a few arcane words, from his outstretched hand a blast of ice crashed into the arrow freezing it in mid air and continued on to smash into Rahab’s chest. The ferocity of the ice freezing his body to the ground only leaving his head exposed.
‘Do you surrender now?’ Asked shoji as he made his way towards the frozen arrow, ‘call your animals off and come with us to Geffen, we are not your enemies.’ With this Rahab whistled and the wolves crept away back into the forest. Shoji continued up towards Rahab before turning back to Dustin ‘go to Payon and tell the others of our success, I will take him to Geffen.’ And with that he pulled a butterfly’s wing from his pocket and placed his hand upon the ice, shaking the wing to transport himself and the half frozen Rahab to the Faithless Geffen castle in front of Turelus Valentine. ‘So your finally back Rahab, I guess the rumours were true which means you should have learnt a few of the hunter’s skills which is what we need here. A guild known as the order of VP have moved to Geffen and we believe they have their sights on our castle so I need it defended. you have a week to have the traps prepared for the assault.'

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