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Default Leaving the nest

(Don't Sue :P)Well, I got bored and didn't know where to put it and i always wondered what happens in between like a sidekick becoming an actual hero on their own since I don't think there's stories like that in comics (correct me if im wrong =p) anyways...this is basically Dick Grayson (the first robin) leap from sidekick to hero and what happens in between...

The night was still young and Robin was out on patrol by himself, after some...disagreements with Batman. Suddenly as he jumped from one building to the other he saw two thugs chasing down a man. Quickly and silently with all the training he's had throughout the years, Robin went into action, first he threw one of his birdarangs, the equivalent of Batman's batarang at one of the thugs, then he let the shadows of the night consume him in the alleyway.

"Ah!" the thug that got hit yelled as a metal red and black bird was stuck on his shoulder.
"What's wrong Joe?" the second thug asked as he momentarily stopped chasing his prey.
"Something hit my shoulder Bob, I don't know what it is!" Joe replied in fear.
Just then a figure moved out from the shadows and hit Joe right across the jaw, laying him out cold.

"You''re..." Bob stuttered in fear. Robin, now illuminated by the moonlight stood there, eyes narrowed and fists ready to pound into flesh.
"Wait...if your here, wheres Bat-" Bob tried to ask but was cut short.

"Batman won't be coming, I work alone now." Robin answered grimly.
Encouraged by the answer Bob laughed.
"What's so funny?" Robin inquired.
"You! Sidekicks don't work alone they'll always be with under the real hero's shadow, you will never work alone, thanks for the laughs kid." Bob answered as he started walking away but was held back by being spun around by Robin and punched in the face, knocking him out cold. He suddenly tied both thugs together, hung upside down on a lamp pole.

Ten minutes later the cops came, with Commisioner Gordon in the front with a plastic cup of cold coffee in his hands, he looked at the thugs, directed his men on what to do then walked away from the scene.
"Batman?" he asked. A figure, slightly smaller than what he would expect walked out of the alley.
"Robin? Where's Batman?" Gordon asked puzzled.
"Not here, I work alone now, I see you found the thugs I gift wrapped for you..."
"Yes I did, thanks for that Robin." Gordon answered with his back facing Robin, but as he turned around Robin was no where to be seen.
"Never thought they'd be so similar..." Gordon mumbled to himself as he took a sip of his coffee and walked back to the scene.

Back at Robin's room he took off his domino mask and gritted his teeth. As long as he was using the Robin persona everyone would inquire about Batman, he needed a new identity. Sitting there for 5 minutes of angry silence he finally got off the couch and picked up the phone, he then dialed a number.

"Wayne Manor, Alfred Pennyworth speaking." came the reply of a old fashioned englishman.
"Alfred." Dick Grayson, now in his twenties replied.
"Master Dick?" Alfred asked, surprised to have a call from Bruce's ward.
"Alfred, I need your advice." Dick began.
"What can I do for you, my dear boy?"
"I want to know about how much money I have in my bank account after the incident in which my parents died, how much has it increased?"
Alfred walked off from the phone as he sat near a computer and punched in Dick's account and password.
"Master Dick, it's worth about 3 million now."
"Hmm, that's less than what the old man has isn't it?" Dick asked.
"I'm afraid so."
"Okay, anyways I need your advice Alfred. I was out on patrol in the south end of Gotham tonight in my Robin outfit, but no one would take me seriously for working alone and I need a new identity, any advice?"
"Well Master Dick, Master Wayne got his new identity from the animal he feared most in childhood."
"Yes. May I suggest you do something similar?"
"Okay, thanks Alfred, can you...can you not tell that old playboy that I called?" Dick asked.
"Very well Master Dick. Is there anything else I may be of service to?"
"Yes, can you meet me outside of Gotham's most luxorious resturaunt with the money tomorrow morning?"
"Indeed I can Master Dick, well good night and good luck." Alfred answered as he hung up the phone.
Dick then thought to himself, "maybe it's time Robin leaves the nest..."

Next Day came around and Dick Grayson quickly walked to the meeting place he had set with Alfred, Alfred gave him the money, encouraged him then hugged him tightly and was off on his way.
Still thinking for an identity Dick set off making plans for his own secret 'lair' and the equipment he would need for his costume.
Two weeks passed and he finished his costume, albeit without a logo.
"Blackbird...Black Robin...Nightbird...Nighthawk...Night...wing..."
"Thats it!" Dick exclaimed as he finally found his new identity, Nightwing.
He then put his own insignia on his logo, a light blue bird on the front with the 'wings' little strip of blue up to his shoulder, around the back and a similar image on the back, without a bird's head.

A month later, Robin, now Nightwing was back in action as a 'new' hero. Standing on top of the roof of a building he looked down with his nightvision binoculars. Suddenly he heard an all too familiar voice.
"What are you doing in Gotham?"
"Good to see you too....Bruce." Dick answered with sarcasm.
"Well, looks like you got this section, I'll patrol the other three, oh and Dick. Try not to get yourself killed, you wouldn't really be a hero if you got killed on your first night of patrol, now would you?" Batman inquired.
"Whatever you say, Batman." Nightwing said as he got off from his perch, put his binoculars back in his own utility belt. Standing on the ledge of the building, Nightwing spread both his arms up to shoulder length, then with a graceful jump dived down, with fabric much like the fabric in Batman's cape stretching from his elbow to his armpit on either arm.

As Batman watched the scene he could only mutter.
"I'm proud of you...son." He said as he took his grappling gun from his belt and fired it up at a pole as he swung to the other building.
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