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Default Tez'Roth = Dead!?

Citizens of Midgard sure can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that Rune-Midgard's biggest threat (or maybe not), has finally been sent to the depths of hell (or heaven, but since when bad guys go to heaven? I'll never know).

It was obvious from the results of this battle that the warning sent earlier this evening by our beloved villain, Tez'Roth, was nothing more than a big... bluff. Thanks to all citizens who fought back against the monsters, Tez'Roth's guards and Tez'Roth himself, as well as the generosity of Sir Ulrich Malchier and Lord Valderz Brightblade by lending us a hand in battle, Midgard's biggest villain was finally put to rest after his continual assaults on Rune-Midgard the past or so weeks.

To investigate this matter further, I decided to go on the scene and tried to find some participants I could talk to. Let's take a look at that, shall we?

"So... can you tell me what happened?"

"Sir Ulrich is like sooooooooo cool! Everyone was like... um... fainting... cos.... um... the monsters were too strong. But then Sir Ulrich came and help us defeat the monsters."

"Thank you."

"What happened?"

"Well, first there were tons of monsters around, so we thought poor old Tezzy was doing the same thing again, asking monsters to do his biddings. After we killed all of them, another wave came. After that, a even stronger wave came... and well, most of us couldn't handle it, but then, a Lord Knight showed up. After that, Tez and his guard showed up, and we end up fighting this great battle. The Lord Knight was kind of losing, but then a Paladin showed up, and they beat him in the end."

"Thank you very much for that recap."

"You're welcome, ma'am."

"How do you feel about the death of Tez'Roth?"

"This is great! That evil dude is finally dead!! We janitors from Kafra Crop can finally get some rest! You don't know how much work it is cleaning up after the monsters that dude left behind. All those guts and goo... it's disgusting. We were thinking about going on strike, but I guess we won't have to anymore."


Well... that was an interesting comment by the head janitor of Kafra Crop. Anyway, this just in... a faithful viewer has also sent in some pictures, which we will put up after this report.

Once again, the Kafra Corperation would like to extend its thanks to the citizens of Rune-Midgard who helped to protect our capital city against Tez'Roth's last assualts. A special thanks also goes out to our two bravest (and handsomest) *ahem* warriors, Sir Ulrich Malchier and Lord Valdrez Brightblade. We also wish Lord Valderz Brightblade the best of luck in his search for his lost sword, and hope that he will be successful in slaying that pesky General of Tez'Roth.

This is Diana reporting for KCNR. Have a good night, everyone. Thank you for watching.

... now off to find Bob and beat him with a stick... /gg
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