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Originally Posted by das_phule
Where is everyone? :Oo:
I notice that a bunch of people log on and read the forums but very few actually post anything.
See this is what happens when I stop posting so many. All of you stop talking or it drops to almost none in no time flat. I know what your going to say. No KC your not the center of our chat forum. You are not the chat forum god that we worship.
But let's take a look at it. When I stopped making all those posts it went from about a dozen posts or so a day to maybe 4 posts a day. So that means either y'all ran outta things to talk about or you miss my posts. In any case it looks like I must step up and make more posts to help keep the rest of you in something to talk about. Even if it's how much you'd like me to shut up and stop posting so much.
or...there's no football on till friday
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